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My brakes always had a nasty habit of going out, it's as if I were cursed with bad brakes no matter how many times we repaired them. My wife loves to nag that I'm a bit of a lead foot and my brakes just don't stand a chance, but she's full of it. I'm simply cursed with brakes that just won't make it.

When we decided to take a family road trip, I had a sinking feeling that if anything would go wrong, it would be because of the brakes. Every few months there is always some sort of issue.

Hobart, Indiana is a beautiful small town that we kind of fell in love with as we drove though, so we took our time looking about. We starting approaching a restaurant for some lunch when I noticed the brakes starting to act funny. Now I'm thinking to myself, "great, is there any brake service hobart has?" The beauty of smart phones saved me in this case, I found Main Street Auto.

When we pulled up, I was a little nervous considering I had a Mitsubishi Mirage. It was a fairly new vehicle and an import, but Main Street Auto was equipped to handle any car that enters their shop. I was impressed. I doubt I could get any better from brake service hobart bound shops.

I felt like I entered some sort of family atmosphere because the shop felt homey. Everybody knew each other and was willing to offer a helping hand. My brakes needed to be completely replaced, it seems like I once again ruined another great pair. I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for the best brake service hobart has provided me, but it hardly made a dent in our budget.

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